E3 2011: Hole In The Wall Confirmed for XBLA

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Back in May, the German USK ratings board leaked Hole In The Wall as a game published by Microsoft that would possibly be arriving on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Microsoft has now seized the opportunity at E3 to confirm that the title is indeed coming to XBLA as a Kinect game.

Hole In The Wall is based on the hit TV show that sees contestants trying to contort their bodies to fit through differently shaped walls that are hurtling towards them on a conveyor belt. If they fail to make it through the wall, they get pushed into the pool of water behind them. The video game will do exactly this, only you get to watch your avatar get wet if you fail (although you could always get a friend or family member to chuck a bucket of water at you for the full authentic experience).

Players can work their way through different "show" levels in both single and multiplayer modes for up to four friends or family members. There will also be a "survival" mode that sees players survive wall after wall for as long as possible. Avatar awards such as a silver spandex suit, helmets, and a t-shirt are also included in the game.

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Hole In The Wall is due to be released this year.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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