UPDATED: Xbox achievement outage has wiped thousands of Gamerscore from player totals

By Sean Carey,
UPDATE: Xbox Support has now fixed the issue regarding incorrect Gamerscore and achievements. Gamerscore totals should now be displaying properly.

ORIGINAL STORY: Over the weekend, Xbox Support reported an outage that affected Xbox One achievements. The outage has seemingly wiped huge numbers of Gamerscore from users' totals. In some cases, hundreds of thousands of Gamerscore has disappeared.

According to the forums here on TA and various reports from across the internet, the problem seems to be related to unlocking an achievement in Rocket League — although we cannot confirm this. Once an achievement is popped during the game, for some reason that player's Gamerscore is then wiped out. Others have also been reporting that previously unlocked Rocket League achievements are re-popping.

However, some have found that unlocking an achievement in a different game seems to fix the issue and brings back the missing Gamerscore. Some are reporting that merely loading up a different game also works. If you've been affected, it's probably worth trying both of these methods.

So far, no update has been given on the outage from Xbox Support. It's likely that totals will return back to normal once the problem has been fixed. We have reached out for further clarification and will update this story if we hear anything back, or once the issue has been resolved.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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