Rockstar just made this Red Dead Redemption 2 achievement way easier

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rockstar's offerings for Red Dead Online this week include 30% extra on sales of Moonshine, an extra 50% for sales of certain Collectors sets, a waiving of the Permanent Posse creation fees, and a new range of discounts.

Red Dead Online

Permanent Posse fees are being waived until June 8th. As ixnay37 points out, the fees normally cost around $200 in-game, and now that they're free, players should be able to unlock the Posse Up achievement straightaway after completing the online tutorial. The achievement asks players to form a persistent posse, and with the $200 fees now being waived, you should be able to follow the rest of Lord Von Chimp's guide to unlock the achievement.

Red Dead Redemption 2Posse UpThe Posse Up achievement in Red Dead Redemption 2 worth 14 pointsRed Dead Online: Form a Persistent Posse.

Meanwhile, Collectors will be able to get an extra 50% this week on sales of Arrowheads and Bird Eggs sets, while Moonshine sales will net an extra 30%. The limited-time clothing items returning to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue are the Tasman, the Danube, the Manteca Hat, the Cossack Hat, the Boutell Hat, and the Irwin Coat. These will all be available for purchase until May 26th. Lastly, this week's discounts include 40% off the Potent Predator Bait Pamphlet and the Potent Herbivore Bait Pamphlet, and 50% off food, liquor, and tobacco items.

The focus on Collectors and Moonshiners this week most likely means the next update will focus on the Bounty Hunter or Trader roles. Meanwhile, just this year Rockstar acknowledged the animal spawning issues in the game and said they were working on a fix. That was a few months ago, so it's possible we could hear some news soon. We'll be sure to update you when Rockstar shares their plans for the future of Red Dead Online.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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