Xbox Game Pass Quests: Here are all the top tips for completing the new Quests

By Sean Carey,
New monthly and weekly Xbox Game Pass Quests are now live, and we've rounded up the best tips and tricks from the TA community to help you complete them with ease. For the monthlies, we have four game-specific quests all worth 75 Rewards Points, and for the weeklies, there are just two quests that are game-related.

Xbox Game Pass Quests guides

Xbox Game Pass Weekly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between the 12 May 2020 and 19 May 2020.
NameObjectivesReward Points
Bleeding Edge *Grab your team and tear it up25
Battle Chasers: NightwarEarn 15,000 XP50
Earn an Achievement in Game PassEarn an achievement in any Game Pass game10
Complete 4 Daily QuestsComplete 4 daily quests this week10
Earn Your WayUnlock 4 achievements or play 5 different Game Pass games 10
* These quests require an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Let's start with the weeklies. The first quest is only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. To earn yourself 25 Rewards Points, you'll need to "grab your team and tear it up" in Bleeding Edge. This quest is incredibly simple. All you need to do is fire up Bleeding Edge, and the quest will unlock. You don't need to play a match, and you won't unlock any achievements in doing so. The Bleeding Edge Quest can be completed on either PC or console and can also be done using Project xCloud to save you from downloading the game.

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The next quest is open to all Game Pass subscribers. The Battle Chasers: Nightwar Quest requires you to earn 15,000 XP for 50 Rewards Points. This quest is a little more involved and will take around half an hour to complete. It seems that XP is only awarded through combat, and earning an achievement in this one is unavoidable. There's a full-text guide from xWSx Logan in the forum that details what to do and where to head to complete this quest quickly. Alternatively, xWSx Logan has a video guide up on YouTube that should help. According to JadeDingo, if you've already beaten the game, the quest should unlock automatically. Some are also reporting that the Game Pass Quest tracker doesn't update until after you quit the game, so just bear that in mind.

Xbox Game Pass Monthly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between the 05 May 2020 and 01 June 2020.
NameObjectivesReward Points
Middle-earth: Shadow of WarGet 75 kills75
Forza Horizon 4Earn 10,000 Influence75
Jackbox Party Pack 3Get 7 Super Quiplashes75
NBA 2K20Earn 10 MyCAREER Total Assists75
Game Pass Games On the GoInstall 5 games using the Game Pass mobile app25
Game Pass AdventurerPlay 10 different Game Pass games25
Quest ApprenticeComplete 8 weekly quests this month25
Quest RookieComplete 4 weekly quests this month10
Game Pass ExplorerPlay 4 different Game Pass games10
Quest CompletionistComplete 45 daily and 15 weekly quests:
- Complete 45 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 15 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points
Quest DedicationComplete 12 daily and 12 weekly quests:
- Complete 12 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 12 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points

The Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Quest requires you to get 75 kills. The quest itself is pretty straightforward, and it can most likely be done without unlocking an achievement. ChickenPossible's video guide shows that this can be done immediately from the start of the game. When getting to the area, the requires you to Interrogate a Worm, ignore the command and keep killing them. Worms should keep respawning, and you can carry on killing them over and over again until you reach 75 kills.

Forza Horizon 4 Achievements

The next Quest requires you to earn 10,000 Influence in Forza Horizon 4. If you've already played Forza Horizon 4, you'll need to earn an additional 10,000 Influence on top of what you already have. Some are reporting that this isn't the case, and they've managed to pop the quest by simply loading up a previous save file. In our testing, we had to earn an additional 10,000 Influence. This can be done through a combination of completing races, smashing influence boards and earning skill points from driving stunts. It's impossible to complete this one without unlocking the Welcome to Britain achievement.

For the Jackbox Party Pack 3 Quest, you'll need to get 7 Super Quiplashes to complete the quest for 75 Reward Points. A Super Quiplash is when all players in a five or more player game pick your answer as well as 90% of the audience. It sounds quite complex, but this quest can be completed by using a web browser and opening up several private windows. Another great video guide from ChickenPossible details the steps on how to unlock this quest. Completing this quest will unlock the Quiplash 2: Quip it Good achievement.

NBA 2K20 ~ TitledHeroArt

For the NBA 2K20 Quest, you need to earn 10 My Career Total Assists. xWSx Logan has provided an in-depth breakdown on how to unlock this one. The quest can be completed in around 15-30 minutes, depending on how familiar you are with basketball games. We highly recommend following this guide on how to set up a new player with the best position and stats to get those assists. The quest can be completed in the prelude of the game, and you shouldn't unlock an achievement doing so. xWSx Logan has also provided a video guide if that's more your thing.

As always, a huge thank you goes out to everyone who provides solutions to these quests in the forums. If you know of any other tips or tricks that can help with unlocking these quests, let us and the community know down in the comments.
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