Halo Infinite officially confirmed for July's Xbox 20/20

By Sean Carey,
Halo Infinite will be shown during July's Xbox 20/20 live stream. We already knew Xbox was dedicating the event in July solely to its first-party offerings, and we had assumed that Halo Infinite would be one of the games showcased. Now developer 343 Industries has officially confirmed that its next Halo title will be included.


In the most recent Halo Waypoint blog post, the Halo team said that Infinite would be "one of many" first-party titles to be shown off at the event. What hasn't been confirmed by either Microsoft or 343 Industries is if we could be getting our first look at some Halo Infinite gameplay. All we've had so far are cinematics and trailers using game engine footage. Hopefully, we'll get more gameplay in July's Xbox 20/20 event than we did from the recent third-party 20/20 showcase.

We also know Psychonauts 2 will be showcased during the first-party 20/20 event. President of Double Fine Tim Schafer has confirmed we'll see more on the sequel in July. Schafer also recently announced that some of Double Fine's greatest games are coming to the Xbox platform.

No date has been set for July's Xbox 20/20 live stream.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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