First update for Doom Eternal adds Empowered Demons and Echelon Levelling

By Heidi Nicholas,
The first update for Doom Eternal packs in some quality-of-life updates, balance changes for Battlemode, Empowered Demons, and Echelon Levelling.

The update, available now, gives players a chance to avenge fallen slayers by taking out Empowered Demons. Every time a demon kills a player in the single player campaign, that demon is powered up and dropped into another player's game. Killing these Empowered Demons rewards bonus XP, as well as health and ammo, but if you're not in the mood to face them, you can toggle them on or off in the game tab.

Meanwhile, Echelon Levelling means that players who reach level 250 will get their first Echelon, with an insignia showing their rank. Earning an Echelon, says Bethesda,"resets your DOOM level to 1 and gives you another rank insignia", but you'll keep all your gear.

The Precious Metals Event is also underway in the game, running until June 18th. It gives you the chance to earn cosmetics by earning XP, through playing weekly challenges and campaign levels. Bethesda will also be adding in an extra Deluxe Skin into future events.

The update also includes a number of quality-of-life improvements for both the single player campaign and Battlemode. In the campaign, for instance, players will take reduced damage while swimming, with Bethesda also taking out difficulty damage scaling for water and slime. For Battlemode, meanwhile, tutorials are now "required for first-time players", while deaths will be followed by a damage report, so players can see what it was that killed them.

The first update for DOOM Eternal is available now.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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