Overwatch's anniversary event is now live — grab those limited-time achievements now

By Sean Carey,
It's Overwatch: Origins Edition's fourth anniversary and to celebrate, all of the game's previous seasonal modes will be replayable up until June 9th, meaning you can bag yourself some of those discontinued achievements. That's not all: players can also win limited-time rewards and collect some commemorative loot.

Overwatch Anniversary

Game modes will be swapped out daily. Here is the full schedule of when each game mode will be live and available to play (thanks to DaMurn for the breakdown in the forums):

Summer Games: May 19th, May 27th and June 4th

Halloween Terror: May 20th, May 28th and June 5th

Winter Wonderland: May 21st, May 29th and June 6th

Year of the Rat: May 22nd, May 30th June 7th

Uprising: May 23rd, May 31st and June 8th

Retribution: May 24th, June 1st and June 9th

Storm Rising: May 25th and June 2nd

Archives: May 26th and June 3rd

In Quick Play, Competitive and Arcade, players can unlock a bunch of cosmetics via new weekly challenges. A skin for Sigma can be earned this week, and skins for Widowmaker and McCree in subsequent weeks. Players will also receive a Legendary Anniversary Loot Box just for logging on to the game.

For more, head over to the Overwatch website.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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