Elite: Dangerous is getting Fleet Carriers next month

By Heidi Nicholas,
Fleet Carriers have been heavily requested for Elite: Dangerous for some time, and the new June release date means there isn't long to wait: Fleet Carriers join the game on June 9th.

Fleet Carriers release date

The update had originally been planned to launch into the game last year. Back in December 2019, Frontier announced Fleet Carriers had been delayed into the second quarter of 2020, so they could update their focus and concentrate on issues and bugs introduced with the September 2019 update. Despite recent betas, there hadn't been any information on a new release date until Frontier's latest announcement. Frontier plans to implement a few bug fixes based on beta feedback before Fleet Carriers arrive in the game next week, such as making Tritium mining more "lucrative".

As for the future of the game, Frontier has plans to introduce the biggest ever update to arrive in Elite Dangerous — "the next major era of Elite" and "a defining moment in the history of the game" — in early 2021. Originally planned for later this year, Frontier recently announced the update had been delayed. "During this uncertain period, we've also had to re-examine our longer term roadmap and make some adjustments", the announcement reads, adding that the new 2021 release date ensures they can "bring you an incredible new Elite Dangerous experience without compromising the team who work at Frontier". It's likely we won't hear much about that intriguing update any time soon, as Frontier is now focused on launching Fleet Carriers, but we'll be sure to update you when we do.

In the meantime, Fleet Carriers will join the game in just under two weeks, on June 9th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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