Fast & Furious Crossroads gets a new August release date and gameplay showcase

By Heidi Nicholas,
Fast & Furious Crossroads now has a new release date: the simulation racing game will now be released on August 7th, as announced via its new gameplay showcase.

Announced at 2019's Game Awards and billed as a "team-based vehicular-heist action title" from the Fast & Furious universe, it'll have both single-player and a multiplayer mode, and will be voiced by the actors from the movie franchise. The gameplay showcase trailer gives an example of some of these "gadgets, death-defying heists and iconic vehicles", asking you to escape a rock slide, escape the docks, attack a hovercraft, destroy turrets, drive through an exhaust flame, and occasionally make massive, death-defying leaps with Michelle Rodriguez chatting to you in the background.

The game had originally been planned to launch in May, presumably to tie in with the next Fast and Furious movie, which has also been delayed out of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The game's story mode "expands the Fast & Furious universe" and continues the stories of such characters as Dom, Letty, and Roman, along with new crew members. There's not yet much detail on the multiplayer mode, but we'll update you when Slightly Mad Studios shares more.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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