Warface: Breakout achievement list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Warface: Breakout Achievement list.

There are 38 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Warface: Breakout Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Demo Man Kill 10 enemies with grenades in Hardcore matches 35
Mastery: Assault Rifles Kill 10 enemies with your assault rifle in one game 20
Paid in Full Be placed first on your team after winning three Hardcore games 30
Undertaker Kill 150 enemies 30
Mastery: Melee Kill 5 enemies with your melee weapon 20
Veteran Reach player level 30 30
This One Has Promise Be in the top three in your team after winning a Hardcore game 20
Been There, Done That Win a game on each of the five original release maps 15
Mastery: Handguns Kill 5 enemies with your handgun in one game 20
Serious Business Win a Hardcore game 30
Untouchable Win a round by defusing the bomb with no team casualties 55
Mastery: SMGs Kill 10 enemies with your SMG in one game 20
Tastes Differ Change the look of any piece of equipment 15
Take Three Kill three enemies without reloading 35
Not On My Watch Win a round by defusing the bomb 15
Sector Secured Kill the whole enemy team in a single round 55
Corporate Warfare Win 5 rounds as a Warden 15
Mastery: Sniper Rifles Kill 10 enemies with your sniper rifle in one game 20
A Reaper's Bounty Win 5 rounds as a Reaper 15
Caught in the Act Kill an enemy who is planting or defusing the bomb 15
The Savior Win a round against 3 enemies or more being the last man standing 50
Fire In the Hole Kill an enemy using a grenade 15
First Blood Kill an enemy for the first time 15
Double Trouble Kill two enemies with one grenade 35
Blitzkrieg Win a round in less than 60 seconds 30
Win your first game Win your first game 15
Flawless Victory Win a game without letting the enemy team win a single round 30
?amaraderie Win a game with a friend 15
Five-Second Rule Kill 10 enemies with guns dropped by other players in one game 15
Fashion is My Profession Customize your player avatar 15
A Brand of My Own Customize your weapon with a skin 20
Mastery: Shotguns Kill 10 enemies with your shotgun in one game 20
Mastery: Machine Guns Kill 10 enemies with your machine gun in one game 20
Aim for the Head Kill 10 enemies with headshots in one game 30
High Noon Kill three enemies with revolver headshots within a single round 35
Piercing Light Kill 10 enemies blinded by a flashbang 35
No Scope Kill two enemies with your sniper rifle without using the scope 35
True Champion Win 100 games 60
Warface: Breakout is developed and published by MY.GAMES.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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