Gears POP! update radically changes how matches play out

By Sean Carey,
Season 10 in Gears POP! is now underway, and with it comes a new update that drastically changes Sudden Death in the game and makes a slew of balance changes that's sure to change up your Pin loadout.

Gears POP!

Gears POP! is known for a significant percentage of matches ending in ties. Developer Mediatonic has recognised this issue and has now changed how Sudden Death plays out in the game. In the latest patch notes, Mediatonic says, "We believe that draws do have a place in Gears POP!, but should only happen when a game has been exceptionally close." To remedy the game's stalemate issue, both players' Outposts will start losing health until one player's is destroyed and the game is over. Outposts will lose 20 health per second during Sudden Death. If both of the Outposts have been destroyed when Sudden Death starts, then the player's Leaders will lose 30 health per second until the match is over. When this status is in effect, Objectives will glow with a pulsing red outline.

In terms of balance changes, Scion is getting a substantial buff in both the damage and health departments. Clayton Carmine is also receiving a slight buff, and the Sentinel Pin is being nerfed.

Gears POP! balance changes

Anya Stroud

  • Skill Duration: 6 - 8.1 seconds (depending on level -> 10 seconds (at all levels)

Bernadette Mataki

  • Can now wait in cover longer than her usual cover wait time if the Pin she is sharing cover with does not move on before her.

Clayton Carmine

  • Health: +7%
  • Improved area damage hit detection on basic attack

Damon Baird

  • While Baird is building or upgrading a sentry, that sentry no longer drains health

Savage Grenadier

  • Range: 24 -> 30


  • Health: +9%
  • Damage: +43%


  • Shield Duration: 4 seconds -> 2.5 seconds
The last update nerfed a large number of popular Pins in Gears POP! and also brought Gabe Diaz from the Gears spin-off, Gears Tactics, to the free-to-play mobile game.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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