E3 2011: Of Orcs and Men Trailer

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Throughout my various news articles it should be apparent that I am a full supporter of Orc rights. When I saw the new Cyanide Games' title Of Orcs and Men I no longer felt alone in my beliefs. From the developers of Blood Bowl comes a new role-playing adventure in which you are a massive hunk of green muscle from the Bloodjaw Legion whom has been tasked with killing the man responsible for persecuting your entire race, the Emperor of the Humans.

Just as in the classic novel "Of Mice and Men", it is not only brawn that sets out on this journey, for you are joined by a weedy goblin that uses stealth abilities to be the perfect assassin. Each character will have their own separate skill trees. Cyanide Games did not mention a "Do not pet the bunny quite that hard" skill for the Orc, but we can always hope.

Take a moment to enjoy the first pro-Orc trailer to come out of E3:


Sorry. Where was I? Right. Screenshots!

10/6/11 Screenshot 1

10/6/11 Screenshot 2

10/6/11 Screenshot 3

Of Orcs and Men will finally strike a blow for the rights of all Orc-kind when it is released during Spring 2012.