Wasteland 3 developers say the game's world is "always watching you, always reacting"

By Heidi Nicholas,
The world of Wasteland 3 will be "always watching you, always reacting at different times", says studio head Brian Fargo.

In inXile Entertainment's latest dev diary for Wasteland 3, Fargo says the choices you make in the game "ripple through long periods of time... there's nothing better", Fargo adds, "than when you make an early decision, and then later on, somebody's commenting on it". As a "small example of choice and consequence", Fargo details a "simple device" in the game — a paperboy in town who's "always sort of yelling out whatever's going on in the world".

Senior writer Nathan Long says Wasteland 3 "continues the tradition" of the Wasteland games of "giving players difficult choices, both personal and political". He adds that the game "prides itself on not punishing people for making terrible or questionable moral decisions... like if you want to shoot everybody in the game, we'll let you do that", but that they try to make you "see the consequences." For instance, some kills might lead to a grieving parent or "a lost child, and you're going to understand that what you did has consequences for people in the world".

Wasteland 3 dev diary

Long says it's "fun designing dark outcomes for player choices" but that they "can't be the only outcomes" — players "have to be able to find some light and some balance", along with funny, heartwarming, or pathetic outcomes, "because when you finish the game, you don't want to be, 'oh man, that was rough'". According to Long, you'll still be able to get that dark and gruelling ending, but "if you get that ending, you made that ending, because you made those choices."

There's still a few months to go before Wasteland 3 is released on August 28th, when it'll be available both on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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