E3 2011: Ben 10 Galactic Racing Trailer & Screens

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Namco Bandai has released a trailer and screenshots for their new racing game based on the Ben 10 series. Ben 10 Galactic Racing will see players compete to become champion of the Galactic Grand Prix, either as Ben, Kevin, or one of 13 alien heroes. The high-speed races take place on 25 insane tracks, spread across five different planets. There are 30 karts to choose from.

Ben can use his Ultimatrix to transform into his alien forms mid-race. Other characters can also use their unique special abilities to affect the outcome of each race. Omni-Node power ups give players a variety of alien-based abilities, "including an Ultimate move that unleashes a super-charged, race-changing boost of speed and power that is themed to that character’s abilities".

The multiplayer modes allow up to four players to compete against each other. Trophies can be earned in every Galactic Grand Prix circuit. The Time Trials mode also allows players to attempt to beat their previous times.

Ben hits a speed boost

Ultimate Humungousaur races

Swampfire races

Ben does stunts

Ben races

Swampfire finishes a race

Swampfire does stunts

Multiplayer for up to four players

Heat Blast wins

Heat Blast races

Ben 10 Galactic Racing is due to be released this Fall / Autumn.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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