Metro 2033 Redux walkthrough – a complete Xbox achievement guide

By Heidi Nicholas,
Today, we’re putting the spotlight on the Metro 2033 Redux walkthrough – a complete Xbox achievement guide by SwelterinBeaver, edited by Vitiated1 and overseen by LifeExpectancy. Metro 2033 Redux is available in Xbox Game Pass.

Metro Redux: Announcements

Metro 2033 Redux Walkthrough

Total Metro 2033 Redux achievements in the walkthrough 49
Total Gamerscore 1,000
Estimated time to complete 25 to 35 hours
Playthroughs required 2
Missable achievements 1
Unobtainable achievements 0
Online only achievements 0
SwelterinBeaver’s Metro 2033 Redux walkthrough has been given a thumbs up by 273 community members.

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