CoD: Modern Warfare and Warzone's Season 4 update adds in-match events and more

By Sean Carey,
Season 4 is now live in both Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. With it came a large update that adds a bunch of new features, modes and more.

COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer

New "In-Match Events" have been added to Warzone. One of three events can now occur during the battle royale without notice of which one will take place. When a "Jailbreak" occurs, all players who were previously eliminated will get released back into the game. This includes those who are waiting in the Gulag or who've been taken out of the game completely. A one-minute timer will appear before the jailbreak actually happens to allow you to scrounge together any weapons and armour for your teammate before they re-deploy.

A "Fire Sale" is an in-game event that discounts most of the items at a Buy Station by 80% or dishes them out for free. Fire Sales only last for 60 seconds and is the ideal time to grab items such as a UAV, armor box or a killstreak.

The final event is "Supply Choppers" which brings non-lethal, non-controllable helicopters to the game. These helicopters are heavily armoured and take a lot of firepower to bring down, but once destroyed they'll drop a bunch of loot. Three UAVs, two armor and munitions boxes, a gas mask, grenade launcher, cash and maybe more items will be dropped for players to collect.

A new contract has also been added to Warzone. Contraband is a rare contract that gives the player a permanent Blueprint as a reward. Contraband contracts will appear after completing a previous contract and requires players to grab a briefcase and take it to a waiting helicopter extraction point on the map.

In terms of new game modes, Warzone now features a mode called Warzone Rumble. Two teams of 50 players will battle it out in certain locations around the map of Verdansk. For Modern Warfare, Barakett Promenade has been added to Ground War along with Trench Mosh Pit (2v2), Scrapyard 24/7 and Blueprint Gunfight.

According to Infinity Ward, the download size on consoles is supposed to be around 44GB. However, some Xbox One owners are seeing file sizes almost double the size of that at about 80GB. Activision Support is currently investigating the issue. The patch should only add around 4GB to the overall file size once it's installed.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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