E3 2011 Arcade & Industry Roundup

By Keith Gray, 7 years ago
It would be a good bet to assume that you may have thought that you'd caught up with most of the news which came out of E3 this week.

In short, that's not the case. In fact, the Retail Roundup is just the half two-thirds of it! There's no less than 30 articles related to Arcade releases and another eight stories regarding Industry-wide developments. Here's hoping you're in the mood for some serious literature!


E3 2011: Amy Still Coming to XBLA
E3 2011: Awesomenauts Trailer
E3 2011: Climax Group Announces Bloodforge
E3 2011: BloodRayne Betrayal Screenshots
E3 2011: BurgerTime World Tour Trailer Released

E3 2011: Crimson Alliance Trailer & Screenshots
E3 2011: Deadliest Warrior: Legends Trailer
E3 2011: Defenders of Ardania Trailer

E3 2011: Fruit Ninja Officially Announced
E3 2011: Gamma World Announced for XBLA
E3 2011: Gotham City Impostors Trailer
E3 2011: Guardian Heroes Screenshots
E3 2011: Hole In The Wall Confirmed for XBLA
E3 2011: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Gameplay

E3 2011: Introducing Kinect Fun Labs
E3 2011: Konami Unveils Leedmees

E3 2011: Mercury Hg Announced for XBLA
E3 2011: Ms Splosion Man Trailer & Screenshots

Orcs Must Die! E3 Character Reveal
E3 2011: More Puddle Media Released
E3 2011: R.A.W. - Realms of Ancient War Announced
E3 2011: Renegade Ops Screens
E3 2011: Rock of Ages Screens and Trailer
E3 2011: Rotastic Trailer

E3 2011: Skullgirls Screens Released
E3 2011: Street Fighter III: TS Online Trailer
E3 2011: Toy Soldiers Cold War Trailer
E3 2011: Trenched Trailer
E3 2011: Trials Evolution Revealed

E3 2011: Zombie Apocalypse 2 Announced


Gears of War 3 Limited Edition Console Announced
E3 2011: New Dashboard Screens Released
E3 2011: UFC To Be Screened Over Xbox Live
Windows 8 Integrating With Xbox LIVE [RUMOUR]
E3 2011: Wireless Speed Wheel
E3 2011: Xbox LIVE Cloud Storage
E3 2011: Youtube, Bing & Live TV Incoming for 360

Get reading! There's no excuse not to know everything there is to know about the going's on at this year's E3.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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