The Resident Evil series has now sold over 100 million units

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Resident Evil series has now sold over 100 million units worldwide, since its beginning almost 25 years ago.

Resident Evil 3 achievements

The series began almost 25 years ago in 1996 with Resident Evil. Capcom's announcement says "the Resident Evil franchise has since grown into Capcom's flagship property", with "cumulative shipments of the Resident Evil series" having now "exceeded 100 million units worldwide" — the first Capcom series to do so. Capcom also noted how far the fanbase stretches, with "more than 80% of unit sales of the games coming from outside of Japan."

Capcom credits this success to "a consistent release schedule for new titles" as well as remakes of older titles and "price promotions for back catalogue titles". The Resident Evil 2 remake is probably the most popular of Capcom's recent Resident Evil releases — it's rated at 4.75/5 by TA community votes, as opposed to 4.33/5 for Resident Evil 3. Some seemed to find Resident Evil 3 lacking when compared with its predecessor, according to our Resident Evil 3 review roundup.

Yet Capcom's sales milestone is proof of the enduring popularity of the Resident Evil franchise, which looks set to continue for some time: "Going forward Capcom looks to further grow the franchise by leveraging its accumulated knowhow to launch games on next-generation platforms." This is confirmed by the announcement of Resident Evil Village, which was revealed during Sony's PS5 event — along with several PS5 game reveals also coming to Xbox Series X.
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