Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Steel Wave is out today: here's what's included

By Heidi Nicholas,
Operation Steel Wave brings a lot of new features to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, including two new Operators, new gadgets, new seasonal weapon skins, and a price decrease for certain Operators. Operation Steel Wave is available now, and here's everything included.

The two new Operators are Attacker Ace, who Ubisoft says is a "potent mix of the unpredictable and the bombastic", and Defender Melusi, who is "highly adaptable" and dedicated to conservation and and anti-poaching. Ace's primary weapons are the AK-12 and M1014, his secondary weapon is the P9, his gadgets are the Breach Charge and the Smoke Grenade, and his unique ability is the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, which uses hydraulic pressure to get through breakable areas. Melusi, meanwhile, has the T-5 SMG and Super 90 as her primary weapons, with her secondary being the RG15, her gadgets being the Impact Grenade and the Deployable Shield, and her unique ability being the Banshee Sonic Defence, which will slow enemies and alert Melusi to their whereabouts.

There's been a map rework on House: some areas have been enlarged, and an "entirely new section" has been added on the South Side "with two rooms on each floor and a staircase to connect them". Garage now only has one destructible door, while Workshop has been transformed into a Girls' Room. The North side has "reduced" lines of sight and a new hallway. There'll also be more "vertical play" as you'll now be able to break most floors, and new hatches have been added.

This season's first Elite Set includes Echo's Tenkamusou uniform, a victory animation, gadget and weapon skins, and an Elite Echo Chibi charm. Operation Steel Wave also adds in a new secondary gadget: Proximity Alarm, a "thrown sticky gadget" small enough to be unobtrusively placed. Meanwhile, there's also two new weapons skins, Wooden Carvings and the Beach Trip, which will be available to purchase for the rest of the season. Lastly, there's price decreases on four Operators: Alibi and Maestro will be 15,000 Renown/350 R6 credits, while Nøkk and Warden’s will cost 20,000 Renown/480 R6 Credits.

Operation Steel Wave is available today.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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