Drake Hollow gets a preview weekend for Xbox Insiders, starting today

By Heidi Nicholas,
Xbox Insiders can now try out a preview weekend for Drake Hollow: a game intriguingly described by developers The Molasses Flood as a co-op "village-building action-adventure". The preview weekend begins today and ends at 9:00am PT / 5:00pm BST / 12:00am ET on June 22nd.

Drake Hollow

Drake Hollow was announced back at X019, and scheduled for release on July 17th. This is the first in-depth look we'll have at the game. A press release for this preview weekend describes the world of Drake Hollow as "a blighted mirror" of our own, in which you'll be protecting the Drakes — those anthropomorphic plant creatures— and their villages from beast attacks, while following the "guidance of a mysterious crow". You'll need to have signed up for the Xbox Insider program to access the beta, at which point you'll be able to try out a "limited sandbox experience" with one of the game's biomes.

The game has both co-op and single-player capabilities. While the Drakes themselves look pretty cute, taking care of them will most likely be a difficulty in itself: they need food, water, shelter, and if that wasn't enough pressure, they can apparently die of boredom if you don't keep them entertained.

The preview weekend ends on Monday June 22nd, and the game itself launches on July 17th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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