BioWare gives a behind the scenes look at the next Dragon Age

By Heidi Nicholas,
Today's Opening Night Live showcase featured a long-awaited, behind-the-scenes look at the next Dragon Age.

In the video above, we see some concept art ranging from cities to dungeons to underwater skirmishes. The devs also spoke at length about their aim for the game, and what the franchise means to them. Creative director Matthew Goldman says the world of Dragon Age has it all: "frontier stories.... mystery... detective stories," and that all of it is "wrapped up in a fantasy setting."

The devs reiterate that this game is still very much in early production, but share a few tidbits: "in the next Dragon Age, we get an opportunity to see new things, new places, and interact with people who lived and grew up in these spaces as well." They say that for this next instalment, the aim is to tell the story of "what happens when you don't have power? What happens when the people in charge aren't willing to address the issues?" According to BioWare, we can expect "stories that focus on the people around you, and the friends and family you make," and "really close relationship with game characters who really become real for you." The devs say they want characters to be fiercely loved or fiercely hated, and give the highly divisive Solas as an example.

Fans have been waiting for a new Dragon Age ever since the much-beloved Dragon Age: Inquisition. Rumours of a new Dragon Age were repeatedly brought up or refuted over the past few years, with speculation at a height on Dragon 4ge Day in 2019, when BioWare teased a possible Dragon Age 4 hint with a tweet featuring a clip from the the Trespasser DLC, in which the Inquisitor stabs Tevinter on the map. Speculation was rife as to the setting, theme, and story of the next Dragon Age, with the general opinion being that it would be set in Tevinter Imperium, with Solas as a key character.

Opening Night Live has definitely given us something to think about, and it hopefully won't be too long before we hear more about this long-awaited game. We'll be sure to keep you updated with all Dragon Age news.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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