Dragon Age 4 seemingly teased by BioWare during EA Play Live

By Heidi Nicholas,
Screenshots at the end of EA Play Live showed a glimpse of a game in progress from BioWare, along with the statement that "BioWare imagines and creates worlds where you become the hero of your own story". All-in-all, it seems like these screenshots might be hinting at Dragon Age 4.

Speaking during the EA Play Live stream — around the 45:30 minute mark — EA's chief studio officer Laura Miele talks about how EA and BioWare are "using this next generation of technology to make those fantasy worlds your reality". There's just those three screenshots to go with, and they seem to suggest a dark, ominous and atmospheric game.

The last we heard of Dragon Age 4 is that we'll be waiting a while for it. During EA's earnings call in 2019, chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said, “You should assume that there’s Dragon Age out there, we’ve talked about it publicly that it’s in the works," but that it will "probably" arrive "after fiscal [year] 2022” (thanks, PCGamesN). That window covers anywhere between April 2021 until March of 2022, so it'll be some time yet. Even so, any mention of BioWare and a "work in progress" as shown during EA's stream immediately sends your mind to that particular game. Hopefully, we'll have some more concrete news to go off soon.

The EA Play Live stream gave us several announcements, including Skate 4, FIFA 21, Hazelight's new game It Takes Two, a new Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay trailer, and the announcement of Apex Legends cross-play.

What do you think? Do those screenshots look like Dragon Age 4 to you? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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