"Lockhart" mentions appear to resurface in Microsoft's recent GDK notes

By Heidi Nicholas,
Mentions of "Lockhart" — believed to be a lower-cost Xbox Series X console — seem to have reappeared in Microsoft's latest Game Development Kit notes.

TitleOS, a security researcher, has shared images of what look to be internal discussion of Lockhart — once referred to in an image above as "Lockhard" — and says the images come from the PDF release notes of Microsoft's GDK. Windows Central has gone on to say it has "verified the authenticity of the screenshots." The mentions of Lockhart come alongside a mention of the "Scarlett" and "Anaconda", both codenames for the Xbox Series X.

Rumours of a lower-cost, all-digital next-gen console from Microsoft have circulated for some time now. Kotaku has previously spoken of sources confirming Lockhart to still be in development, and who described it as similar to the PS4 Pro, graphics-wise. Likewise, Windows Central has spoken of sources who say developers are aiming at Lockhart with their games. Microsoft hasn't yet confirmed a second next-gen console, so we can only speculate for now on the possibility of Lockhart. Plus, until Microsoft gives more info on the price range for the Xbox Series X, it'll be hard to guess a price range for any possible lower-cost console. We'll update you if we hear more.

Thanks to ClassierPompano for the news tip.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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