Marvel's Avengers shows off new Thor gameplay, co-op, and M.O.D.O.K villain details

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Marvel's Avengers War Table Stream gave a huge wave of new details on the game, showing off some of Thor's gameplay, more story details, co-op footage, and main villains AIM and M.O.D.O.K.

A new trailer — at around the 28:30 minute mark — shows more of Kamala Khan's efforts to reunite the Avengers against AIM — Advanced Idea Mechanics — in the wake of A-Day. We know that the catastrosphic events of A-Day led to a public outcry against the Avengers, who disbanded and went into hiding. In their place rose AIM, promising to protect the world with science rather than superheroes. Kamala, a superfan of the Avengers, becomes suspicious that they were set up. Now, we see more of her suspicions and of AIM itself. Kamala believes AIM is experimenting on "inhumans" to steal their superpowers. The organisation is led by Dr. George Tarleton, its founding member, who goes on to become M.O.D.O.K — the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing — a villain who originated in the comics decades ago in 1967. M.O.D.O.K. combines brains with brawn to serve as the "most sophisticated threat" the Avengers have faced. Aside from the Avengers, the game will also feature the Resistance: inhumans and former SHIELD agents alike. You can build your reputation amongst various factions, such as the Inhuman Alliance, to unlock vendors and other features.

We also get a long look at new Thor gameplay, via his "Once an Avenger" single-player hero mission — around the 30:55 minute-mark — in which he comes out of hiding to help those Avengers Kamala has already managed to gather. The footage mostly gives us a look at Thor's combat abilities, combos, Heroics, and flight powers with his Mjölnir hammer. Thor can, for instance, use Mjölnir to weigh enemies down, or else pull lightning from the sky. As with the other Avengers, Thor will have skills to unlock — his skills include impact explosion and manual targeting, with which he can hurl the hammer at individual enemies. We can also see how the Avengers will fight together, with Iron Man, Kamala, Black Widow and Hulk popping up throughout the fight. Hero missions like this will focus on a particular character to advance the campaign as well as that hero's individual story. Each hero has "special" moves, including ultimates. Assault heroics charge fastest, and the gameplay shows a look at one of these: Natasha's "Widow's Bite... an electro-shock projectile move". Support Heroics are targeted at co-op play, to boost teammates.

Gear and armour looks to be hugely in-depth, with each hero promised to have "dozens of outfits drawn from some of the most recognisable eras and story arcs". These can be earned through story missions and "deciphering patterns", with iconic outfits only earned in iconic missions. Other outfits, meanwhile, can only be found in the online marketplace. It looks as though you'll even be able to customise smaller elements, such as the grip of Mjölnir. Aside from improving hero appearance, you'll also be able to rebuild the helicarrier base. Co-op and war zones — missions for one to four players — were also shown. The war table has been heavily showcased: located in the base, it will serve as the starting point for all of these missions. The devs say that campaign missions and war zone missions will both work towards progressing the story.

Marvel's Avengers will release on September 4th, with Crystal Dynamics planning to add new content, such as new heroes, regions, and story, for free post-launch. Square Enix has also confirmed that Marvel's Avengers will offer a free Xbox Series X upgrade with all progress carried over.
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