Xbox All Access will be "critical" for launch of Xbox Series X, says Phil Spencer

By Sean Carey,
The subscription plan, Xbox All Access, is going to be "critical" to both the launch of the Xbox Series X and the generation as a whole according to Xbox boss, Phil Spencer.

Xbox Series X

Spencer made the comments during a Gamelab Live stream where he answered several questions about the Xbox Series X and Microsoft's plans. Spencer was asked about the Xbox All Access payment program, which currently offers players an Xbox One console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for no upfront cost, but a monthly subscription fee instead. This saves the consumer from shelling out hundreds of dollars in a single transaction — which could be beneficial for those who don't want to pay the upfront costs of a Series X console.

As reported by, it seems that Microsoft could be pushing the subscription service more in the future. "Xbox All Access is going to be critical to both our launch for Xbox Series X as well as just the overall generation," Spencer said.

"The response that we've seen where we've tested All Access has been great, but as you said, it's been limited in terms of the market. So you're going to see a much broader market and retailer support for All Access. And as you said, it matches a model customers use for many other devices they buy. And if you have services attached to those devices that people love, it just becomes an easier way to bring a great product to customers."

Spencer says it's all about offering choice to the consumer. "We should also understand the global economic situation we're going to see this year. We're seeing it today. And I think having more pricing options for consumers is frankly just a thoughtful thing for us as an industry to think about."

Current Xbox All Access subscribers can upgrade to the Xbox Series X when it launches. Digital Direct is another feature that is currently used with all Xbox All Access bundles — Digital Direct replaces digital game keys and ties content included in bundles to the console itself.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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