Sea of Thieves to get custom servers, possibly as a paid optional addition

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rare has announced that it will begin a "lengthy Alpha phase" of testing custom servers for Sea of Thieves, with the idea of later rolling the feature out to all players. Custom servers may end up as a paid optional feature in the Pirate Emporium, and there won't be any gold or reputation progression from them.

Sea of Thieves

Executive producer Joe Neate discussed the announcement on the Sea of Thieves site. "One of the many things we have always loved about Sea of Thieves is being able to witness the creativity of our players within the sandbox we provide. We’ve seen so many things from legendary races, fashion shows and fishing competitions through to entirely new games like SkullBall, The Pirate Games and countless others," Neate says. "As Sea of Thieves has grown we’ve been supporting some of these initiatives in the background, helping people get together on the same server to save on that initial setup time for our community events, but we’ve always harboured a desire to do more." As such, Rare is going to "bring an early Alpha version of Custom Servers to Sea of Thieves as a tool for selected creators and community groups to utilise for community events."

These Custom Servers will be tested in a "live environment", with the aim of "giving these creators and community groups swift access to Custom Servers, an ability to run custom events and invite players from their communities to take part." The Alpha release will allow for a Custom Adventure Server to be set up, with "customisation of ship numbers and types" sorted out beforehand. You'll get a code to give out to those you want to join, but there won't be any progress either with gold or reputation from these Servers, since they're just for community experiences and "not intended to be used as a PvE server". The Alpha release will only be tested by a "limited audience". Neate says that since Custom Servers cost money, it's "likely" that they'll be a paid optional feature in the Pirate Emporium.

Neate ends the announcement with a reminder that they'll be "expanding" the Partner Programme and Affiliate Alliance, and a reminder to join the Affiliate Alliance programme if you've got ideas about how best to use this feature.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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