Xbox Series S reveal set for August - report

By Sean Carey,
According to a new report from Eurogamer, Microsoft was due to reveal the Xbox Series S — a less powerful version of the Xbox Series X — in June. Now it looks like that reveal has been pushed back until August.

Xbox 20/20

The report says that Microsoft's original plan was to unveil its second next-gen console in June as part of Xbox's E3 2020 show. According to Eurogamer, this was so the company could adequately explain the option of a second cheaper console. However, when this year's E3 was cancelled, Microsoft was forced to change its plans.

When Microsoft first announced Xbox 20/20, it said that these special Inside Xbox shows would be a series of "monthly events", but we haven't yet seen one materialise for June. A previous report from Venturebeat's Jeff Grub revealed that Microsoft had delayed the June announcement and that it was now planning to reveal something big in August. Xbox's general manager of games marketing Aaron Greenberg said that the company had, in fact, not pushed anything back until August and that June's event would be "done differently than an Inside Xbox Show". Eurogamer says it now understands that the event in August is when the Xbox Series S will be revealed.

There have been several leaks and rumours surrounding an Xbox Series S console. Mentions of the word "Lockhart" have appeared in Microsoft's latest game development kit notes, along with a special "Lockhart profiling mode". So far, Microsoft has not confirmed anything about the console.

Xbox's next big Xbox 20/20 event will take place in July. Microsoft has confirmed it will be a showcase of all it's upcoming first-party games coming to the Xbox Series X, including Halo Infinite.
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