Warzone's newest update allows for 200 player battle royale quads

By Heidi Nicholas,
Activision's latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone will add a new 200 player limited time battle royale mode for Warzone, along with a new contracts, a Juggernaut Royale mode, and a new multiplayer map. The update will release on June 29th 11pm PDT / June 30th 7am BST / 2am ET. It'll be a 22-36 GB update for Modern Warfare owners — with a second download of 3.5 GB for console players, but once completed, it should "minimally increase the overall digital footprint of the full version of Modern Warfare". The update will be 22-30GB for Warzone players.

Warzone 200 players

Activision says "With this update, Verdansk will now be able to hold up to 200 players in Battle Royale Quads. That means 50 Quads of Operators fighting each other and the encroaching circle collapse. This new player count makes Warzone an even bigger Battle Royale experience, so get ready to drop in alongside 199 other members of this millions-strong community to cause havoc!"

There will also be Supply Run Contracts on offer, which earn you discounts at Buy Stations if you reach them on time — Activision suggests running there might not be fast enough, and to "consider alternate modes of transportation." The update also includes the Juggernaut Royale mode, where you'll find Juggernaut suits in airdropped packages and use them to take out enemies. A new suit will appear each time a Juggernaut is "sent to the Gulag". Activision also details the new, reusable Spotter Scope: "a high-powered scope without the glint" which helps you stay hidden while scouting. You can also unlock the Rytec AMR sniper rifle "via in-game challenge".

Lastly, Modern Warfare gets a new multiplayer map with Cheshire Park — "a picturesque garden and conservatory" in London, "where Operators will battle from door to door or through the central flora-filled area?" — and a new mode. Team Defender was, Activision says, first introduced almost ten years ago, and returns as a "fast-paced objective game" with a twist. There will be only one flag, with points earned for each second you manage to keep it.

The Season Four Reloaded update rolls out later today.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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