Dead Cells has sold over 3 million copies — its 19th update releases soon for consoles

By Heidi Nicholas,
Dead Cells has now sold over three million copies. The developers shared the news alongside the announcement of the game's 19th major update, "Update of Plenty", which should arrive for consoles in the next few weeks.

Dead Cells 19th update

The devs say it's "surreal" that the game has now sold over 3 million copies. Dead Cells is endlessly popular, and is rated on our site as 4.26/5. It's often included on "best of" lists — we've got it on our list of the seven best Xbox One platformers available in 2020. Motion Twin's announcement comes alongside the patch notes for Update of Plenty, which is live already for PC, although Motion Twin says the "console version will follow in the next few weeks, as usual." The Update of Plenty is detailed on Steam and is described as a "a complete revamp".

The update involves a rework of the economy and merchants to "make pricing easier to understand and to allow players at higher difficulties to still be able to change their gear at merchants without spending all their money in one go." These changes involved removing gold scaling, making gear price increase with the item level, changing the price of "a decent amount of items", making shop reroll free — with items on sale instead costing more — and making shop categories stats "instead of equipment type". There's also been a revamp of items and weapons, with lots being "nerfed or boosted, with the goal of opening up a wider range of builds, while not sacrificing what made the previous meta builds fun." These changes include making crossbows two-handed with two separate attacks and for Survival only. The difficulty curve between Boss Cells has "been smoothed out, so difficulty spikes should be less of a problem."

In short, the Update of Plenty does indeed update plenty, so if you'd like to get an idea of everything to expect when the console version arrives in a few weeks, make sure to check out those Steam patch notes.
Heidi Nicholas
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