Recompile, a "metroidvania-inspired hacking adventure", announced for Xbox Series X

By Heidi Nicholas,
Recompile, a "metroidvania-inspired hacking adventure game", has been confirmed for the Xbox Series X and Win 10.

"Recompile takes place within the sprawling digital world of The Mainframe," says Phi Dinh, Creative Director and Lead Programmer of Phigames. You play as a "sentient virus", and "combining traditional metroidvania mechanics with a unique dynamic narrative system, the game challenges you to explore, fight, hack and survive." As this sentient virus, you're trying to "escape deletion" and "achieve sapience". Even more intriguing, the Recompile's site says "the game’s entire narrative takes place within one second of real time."

You can utilise a variety of playstyles, choosing to "be violent and destroy everything" or to rely on your hacking prowess. You will be armed with a deletion rifle and "special traversal abilities" like crash landings and dash attacks — with the ability to upgrade to "a more powerful ordnance." These seem ideal if you're choosing the violent playstyle, but if you prefer to hack your way through, it sounds as though there'll be a variety of methods for this style too. "Everything... is hackable," says Dinh. You can hack security programs to join you in the fight, and move objects to solve puzzles or to use as a shield.

"Recompile is a game about creating the first self-aware Artificial Intelligence," Dinh concludes. "That is the awakening. But intelligence exists in many forms. Aggressive, chaotic, orderly, conserving – which one will you end up with? Recompile is therefore also a game about choices. In this dying world, one must explore all possibilities."

There's no word on a release date, but Recompile has been confirmed for Xbox Series X and Win 10.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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