Gears POP! Season 11 update nerfs another batch of player-favourite Pins

By Sean Carey,
Season 10 is now over in Gears POP! and Season 11 has just kicked off. This, of course, means a whole ream of balance changes that's sure to mix up the meta. Jack, Kantus and the Shock Grenade are the latest Pins to receive nerfs.

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The most notable change in this update is to the Jack Pin — it's getting a considerable nerf. According to Mediatonic, once Jack has stolen an enemy Pin, it can be hard to take down when it has a bodyguard. To remedy this, Mediatonic is "significantly" increasing the charge time of Jack's skill, but is lowering the first charge time for the pin. Mediatonic says, "This allows it to continue to be a good answer to the same threats immediately, but there is less chance of one good jack push winning the game."

Kantus is also getting a nerf. A timer has been added to its ability, so players will need to put down as many pins as possible to make use of the health and damage buffs Kantus' ability provides. Nemacysts has had its power cost increased from two to three, and the Shock Grenade now does a single burst of damage on impact compared to dealing out damage over time.

Gears POP! Season 11 balance changes

Gnasher Gang

  • Movement speed: 4 -> 6


  • Skill charge time: 12 seconds -> 25 seconds
  • First time charge time: 6 seconds -> 5 seconds


  • Can now only boost allied Pins' health and damage within 12 seconds after it has been deployed


  • Power cost: 2 -> 3


  • Duration: 27 seconds -> 23 seconds

Shock Grenade

  • Now deals a single burst of damage on impact; overall damage decreased
  • Damage over time: removed

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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