NBA 2K21 will not support Smart Delivery — Xbox Series X version will cost $69.99

By Sean Carey,
NBA 2K21 launches on September 4th on Xbox One with an Xbox Series X version arriving during Holiday 2020. 2K Games also says the game will not support Smart Delivery.

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2K Games has announced the pricing for both versions with a next-gen copy costing $10/£5 more than a current-gen copy. The NBA 2K21 Standard Edition will cost $59.99/£59.99 on current-gen consoles with the Xbox Series X version costing $69.99/£64.99. This also means that the game will not support the Xbox Smart Delivery program.

However, if you're willing to stump up a bit more cash, there is a way to get a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X version. If you purchase the 2K21: Mamba Forever Edition for $99.99/£84.99 — which includes some extra cosmetics, VC and more — you'll get a free standard Xbox Series X of NBA 2K21 when it launches. On the topic of Smart Delivery, a spokesperson from 2K Games told IGN, "It's something we're interested in, but NBA 2K21 will not support Xbox Smart Delivery."

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NBA 2K21's Xbox Series X pricing could be our first indication of a next-gen price jump for AAA games. Games have generally cost around the $60 mark for both the previous generation and current-gen. Ex-PlayStation boss Shawn Layden believes the current AAA development model isn't sustainable for next-gen and notes higher development costs, but the retail price of a game staying the same for years. If other publishers are to follow 2K Games' lead we could see the $70/£65 price tag become the norm for AAA games on the Xbox Series X.

2K Games does note that the Xbox Series X version of NBA 2K21 is being built from the ground up for next-gen console and it will offer "unbeatable graphic fidelity, two-second load speeds, new gameplay features, and expanded game modes."

NBA 2K21 will launch on Xbox One on September 4th and will be a launch title for the Xbox Series X in Holiday 2020.

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