The eleventh annual Bean Dive starts today: prepare your backlog for Bean Diving!

By Heidi Nicholas,
It's time to prepare yourself, take up your controller, and get ready to do battle with that looming backlog: our eleventh annual Bean Dive event begins this week! Here's everything you need to know, including how to join in:

Bean Dive 2020Bean Dive 2020

What is a Bean Dive?

The Bean Dive was gifted to us by the brain of Beanpotter, so it's Beanpotter's Bean Dive 2020 FAQ you should refer to for all your Bean Dive wisdom. As for the basics: the Bean Dive is an event for the whole community. The Bean Dive 2020 event itself lasts ten days. Your goal is to dive through the games in your backlog, unlocking one single achievement in each to add them to your Gamertag. The Bean Dive is a tricky beast: on the one hand, the perfect opportunity to tend to your neglected backlog! Yay! On the other, the death knell for your completion percentage — at least for now, but you'll have a whole 12 months to build that completion percentage back up to its former shiny perfection before the next Bean Dive starts. In short, the Bean Dive asks you to dive into your backlog and climb back out, a little battered perhaps but more hungry for achievement-hunting than ever.

When does it start?

Bean Dive 2020 starts at 1pm, noon-time UTC on Monday the 6th of July and ends at noon UTC on the 16th of July.

How do I register?

Registration starts today, so you can head over to the Bean Dive 2020 Hub. Once you click "Start My Dive" we'll capture your TA stats and start tracking your Bean Dive stats. Unlocking an achievement in a game will add it to your Bean Dive, and include it in your Bean Dive stats. Once you've added all the games you want, click "Finished Dive" in the Bean Dive Hub at which point the site will begin to track your completion percentage recovery. You'll also see a message on your friend feed, showing the number of games you added and your completion percentage drop.

We'll update here once the event starts, with useful links to the Bean Dive 2020 hub, Bean Dive 2020 forum, Bean Dive 2020 leaderboard, #TABeanDive on Twitter, Bean Dive Guide, and Beanpotter's Bean Dive 2020 FAQ.

Good luck! dive
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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