Xbox Game Pass Quests Guide: here are all the top tips from the TA community

By Sean Carey,
A bunch of new monthly and weekly Xbox Game Pass Quests are now live and waiting to be unlocked. We've rounded up all the top tips and tricks from the TA community to help you complete them with ease. For the monthlies, we have four game-specific quests each worth 75 Microsoft Rewards points, and for the weeklies, we have just two quests that are game-related.

Xbox Game Pass Quests Guide

Xbox Game Pass Weekly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between the 07 July 2020 and 14 July 2020.
NameObjectivesReward Points
Golf With Your Friends *Stay in bounds25
Ace Combat 7: Skies UnknownDown 15 Campaign Enemies50
Earn an Achievement in Game PassEarn an achievement in any Game Pass game10
Complete 4 Daily QuestsComplete 4 daily quests this week10
Earn Your WayUnlock 3 achievements or play 3 different Game Pass games 10
* These quests require an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

The first weekly quest is only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and it's an easy one. All you have to do is load up Golf With Your Friends and the Golf With Your Friends Quest will unlock.

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The Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Quest requires you to shoot down 15 enemies from the Campaign for 50 Rewards Points. This is another easy one, and all you have to do is fire up Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, play the first mission and shoot down the enemy planes. According to the forums, the tracking for this quest is known to be a bit buggy, and it might take a couple of attempts to unlock. You will also pop the First Flight achievement, so bear that in mind if you don't want this one on your tag. This quest can also be completed in Project xCloud to save you from downloading the 42GB game file.

Xbox Game Pass Monthly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between the 07 July 2020 and 03 August 2020.
NameObjectivesReward Points
eFootball PES 2020Win 2 myClub: Ranked Match (Sim)75
Streets of Rage 4Earn 3 achievements75
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut EditionKill 100 Zombies75
Minecraft Nether UpdateEarn 2 achievements75
Game Pass Games On the GoInstall 5 games using the Game Pass mobile app25
Game Pass AdventurerPlay 10 different Game Pass games25
Quest ApprenticeComplete 8 weekly quests this month25
Quest RookieComplete 4 weekly quests this month10
Game Pass ExplorerPlay 4 different Game Pass games10
Quest CompletionistComplete 45 daily and 15 weekly quests:
- Complete 45 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 23 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 15 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points
Quest DedicationComplete 12 daily and 12 weekly quests:
- Complete 12 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 10 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 12 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points

In the eFootball PES 2020 Quest, you must win two simulated myClub: Ranked Matches in PES 2020. This can be a tricky one to complete, and it looks like the tracking for the quest is a bit off. HumbleSloth4921 offers a few tips in the forums: "Make sure you keep your team at only one star, or you'll get matched against some really crazy teams. If you get a goal scored against you, quit the game. You're not going to win. If you score a goal, you'll probably win. It's lame, but it seems to be the way it goes." If you're after a video guide, check out this one from ChickenPossible over on YouTube. It's possible that you will unlock an achievement or two completing this one.

Streets of Rage 4 Xbox Game Pass

For another 75 Rewards Points, the Streets of Rage 4 quest requires you to simply earn three achievements in the game. If you haven't played it yet, the Eating off the Ground, Dude, My Car and Combo Pro are some of the most unlocked achievements here on TA and should take too long to complete. Check out the full Streets of Rage 4 achievement list for more.

The State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Quest requires you to kill 100 zombies in the game for another 75 Rewards Points. There are a couple of ways to complete this one according to xWSx Logan. In the campaign, you can grab a car and run over 100 zombies, or you can do it in the game's Daybreak mode. Both methods will take around 15 minutes, and you will unlock achievements via both of these methods. The Puppies and Kittens achievement is unavoidable.

Nether update

The final quest is in Minecraft. For the Minecraft Nether Update Quest, all you have to do is earn two achievements. According to reports from the forums, unlocking any Minecraft achievement will count towards this quest, not just the ones included in the recent Nether Update. TA users are also reporting that this quest doesn't work on either iOS or Android, so it might be best to just stick with the standard version of Minecraft, although other platforms are yet to be tested. Here is the full list of Minecraft achievements.

As always, a big thank you goes out to everyone who contributes their solutions and tips in the forums. If you know of any other solutions to unlock these quests, let us and the community know in the comments below.
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