The Coalition details the new Ranked System for Gears 5

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Coalition has now detailed the new Ranked System for Gears 5. The devs say the new Ranked System is "a journey", made with the dual goals of reflecting player skill and being easier to understand.

New Ranked System

The Coalition says: "we realise the previous Gears 5 Ranked System didn’t work as we hoped. While it was an accurate representation of a player’s skill, the end result is it often felt arbitrary, confusing and generally frustrating." Their goals in redesigning it revolved around being easier to understand and more accurately reflecting player skill. To that end, this new Ranked System means no placement matches are needed, as all players start off at Bronze 1 with 0 Gears Points at the beginning of the season: "how far and how quick you rank up is based on how good you are and how much you play." There will still be six levels to work through with three tiers in each rank. You'll move up based on GP, and while winning matches are the fastest way to move up, you'll have to spend GP to get in matches.

Matchmaking will also now be based on rank with the devs aiming to "make sure you match up against people in your Rank but, depending on region, mode and time of day, your teammates and opponents can be up to one tier above or below... Whatever level you reach, we designed the new system to be transparent so you always know exactly why you’re ranking up or down."

New Ranked System

There will be rewards throughout the season, with better rewards for higher Ranks. To get everyone ready for the new Ranked System, the devs are starting off Operation 4 — which begins on July 14th — with a Ranked Preseason. This will run for "the first few weeks" of the Operation, and will be used to "gather your feedback, monitor progress and make any adjustments before we launch the full season."

As for Modes: Team Deathmatch and Escalation will be removed; Deathmatch to a Quickplay playlist and Escalation to custom lobbies. The Coalition says it's "altered the list of Ranked modes" for Operation 4 "to provide what we believe will be the best competitive and matchmaking experience for all Ranked players. As such, we’ve selected modes that represent a wide variety of the most popular play styles: King of the Hill (multi-respawns) and Gridiron (single-life) as well as a smaller squad with 2v2 Gnashers and solo play in Free For All."

Operation 4 begins next week on July 14th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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