Wild Games Studios Reveals Trailers for Two Games

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
Some studios and their games go unnoticed. The past year and at E3, Wild Games Studios, creators of iPhone game Qwon Tribe, flew under the radar of most people.

They did manage to release two new trailers for their upcoming Xbox 360 games, Dhaila's Adventures--an open-world, third-person, action-RPG--and World Circus--a circus simulator.

Dhaila's Adventure follows Dhaila, a heroin with powers bound to nature, through the world of Martania as she tries to discover her origins and release the world from Dysan.

Dysan the Tyrant rules over Martania and, through his ever-growing magical powers and influence over the dragons, forces the people to suffer his tyranny. The rebellion cannot adequately protect the land or their villages, which is where Dhaila comes to save Martania.

Gamers will control Dhaila's destiny through large dungeons, choices, puzzles, and hundreds of side quests. Every decision you make will change the outcome of Dhaila's journey.

For those of you who missed the debut trailer, here it is:

In a completely different direction is World Circus, a simulation game where gamers are tasked with creating their own circuses through "thousands of modular assets." Players can also create and train their own characters in career mode and also form a circus posse to compete against others' around the world.

Dhaila's Adventures currently has no release date and World Circus is slated for 2013.