Phil Spencer feels "really good" about Xbox's strategy; doesn't have "regrets" about Mixer

By Heidi Nicholas,
Phil Spencer has said he doesn't "have regrets" about Mixer's closure, and that he feels "really good" about Xbox's future strategy, including technologies like xCloud.


Microsoft announced Mixer's closure at the end of June, along with its new partnership with Facebook Gaming. Speaking to, Spencer discusses his reaction to Mixer's impending closure. "It's obviously a disappointment when you try to grow something to the scale it needs to get to and you don't get there," he said. "I don't have regrets. You make decisions with the best information you have at the time, you apply your best effort, and we're in a creative industry. We are in a hits-driven industry. And if we get into this space that we get afraid of disappointment that we won't achieve what we're trying to achieve as an organisation... I think it's fundamental to us that we're not afraid of trying things that might not work. And that is just the art of making video games, and frankly game platforms."

Spencer went on to say that he feels "really good" about Xbox's strategy, noting its "growth in content" and community — "Xbox Live is almost 100 million monthly players, growing across all platforms" — and adds that "as we think further out, we need to be on all the places where people might want to go play. And our xCloud strategy allows us to do that, where any place, any device that people might be able to play an Xbox game, we want to be able to deliver that." Spencer says this "doesn't mean we need to own all of those social platforms," but that the team is having "really strong conversations with many of them around where xCloud will be available... Consoles are, what, a 200 million unit market?" he adds. "It has its geographies where it is, but there are a lot of geographies where consoles are never going to be a dominant form of people playing. And through technologies like cloud and xCloud, we're going to be able to take these games and deliver them to new players."

As for the Xbox-specific news, we'll be getting our next dose of Xbox Series X and Xbox One information in a few weeks at the next Xbox 20/20 event on July 23rd, where we'll be given a look at first-party games.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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