Assassin's Creed Valhalla has "the largest variety" of enemy archetypes in any AC game

By Heidi Nicholas,
During Ubisoft Forward, the Assassin's Creed Valhalla devs said it would have the "largest variety of enemies ever assembled in an Assassin's Creed game". They have now specified that there will be 25 enemy archetypes.


Speaking to GamingBolt, the game's narrative director, Darby McDevitt, says Valhalla will feature 25 enemy archetypes, each with "a unique way of challenging the player." McDevitt elaborates on this, saying some "will have the ability to coordinate with each other for special attacks, while others will use objects in their surroundings to their advantage" and still others "might even adapt to what players are doing during the fight, and find ways to defend themselves."

During Ubisoft Forward, we saw some of Eivor's new combat abilities and weapons, such as the Viking harpoon and throwing axes, and learnt that Eivor would be able to dual-wield any two weapons — including shields, or incapacitate enemies via the stun system. McDevit says "enemies will also show their personality during combat," and that some might "be intimated by Eivor and will try to keep the player at bay, while others will be more determined, and will do whatever they can to finish off their target." These throwing axes and the stun system could come in handy against enemies who prefer to keep at a distance. Plus, Eivor will also have "a defence system, so players can take advantage of enemies' weak points to open them up to brutal finishers."

The Valhalla devs have emphasised before that they want to show how there were more aspects to the Viking life, and that the Vikings were settlers as well as raiders. However, when it comes to combat, the devs seem to have focused on the range of combat techniques utilised by Viking warriors. During Ubisoft Forward, they said the fight system had been "revamped" to "leverage the brutality and intensity" of Viking combat, which ranges from close-range combat to stealth. McDevitt added that they "wanted to reflect the grittiness of the Viking experience," paying "special attention to the feeling of impact during visceral combat," and that the versatility of Viking combat "is reflected in the great variety of weapons, dual-wielding, and playstyles available to the player."

The gameplay shown during Ubisoft Forward is still a work in progress, but it gives us an idea of what Valhalla will look like when it launches on November 17th. What do you think of what we've seen so far? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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