Spelunky XBLA Debut Trailer

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
Mossmouth's popular, freeware title, Spelunky, got its official Xbox Live Arcade debut trailer yesterday.

Spelunky is a 2D side-scrolling platformer representing the games of old. Gamers will take control of an unnamed spelunker whose goal is to collect as much treasure as possible. Using wits and reflexes, players will avoid death to go deeper and deeper down the cave. Gamers will have access to four-player offline co-op and deathmatch as well as leaderboards.

Mossmouth, with enthusiasm and excitement, said the following to introduce the trailer:

Many months of hard work are culminating into a game I'm very proud of! We still have a few more months to polish up Spelunky XBLA, but I'm happy to be showing off what we have now... I think it's a good sign when making a trailer is this enjoyable. Watch it in HD to catch all the details!

There currently is no date for Spelunky but you can try out the acclaimed PC version by going here.