Xbox Summer Game Fest sixth set of 10 demos - All demos are now available to play!

By Rich Stone,
Update: It looks as though all the demos have gone live a day early.

There are links to download them on the Xbox Summer Game Fest hub.

This week is Xbox Summer Game Fest, and you'll be able to play over 60 Xbox One demos of brand new games.

Yesterday we brought you a list of the the fifth 10 Xbox game demos you'll be able to get your hands on, and as promised we're back again with the next 10:

Book of Adventum

Book of Adventum is quirky, old skool, atmospheric and compelling FPS adventure, which throws you in the middle of a conflict on a remote island. Discover a story of deep philosophical meaning or dual-wield your way through the conflict. Do both. Craft potions and ammunition or make do what the surroundings provide. The choice is yours. Adventum awaits. This is the free demo version of Book of Adventum. The full game will be release in late summer 2020.

Cris Tales

Cris Tales is a gorgeous, indie love letter to classic JRPGs with a new perspective. Peer into the past, act in the present, and watch as your choices dynamically change the future — all on one screen as you play! Beautifully hand-drawn 2D animations bring to life a world where your choices will change both the present and the future across more than 20 hours of gameplay.

Curved Space

Curved Space is an intense arcade shooter about battling cosmic energy spiders across warped, physics-defying battlefields. Space stations and asteroids curve and loop around themselves. Up? Down? Who needs those when you’ve got a spaceship, guns and swarms of bugs to blast?

Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast


The Thespian Feast is a free sequel-like chapter of Hellpoint, a dark and challenging action RPG where the line between science and occultism is unclear.

Sail Forth

Explore beautiful scenery and battle pirates with a fleet of custom-outfitted ships in this procedural sailing adventure.


Grind on bendy straws, kick-flip over staplers, and carve killer lines through cardboard and sticky tape parks. Above all else, skate birds try their best!

Tesla Force

The cosmic horrors are awakening. It's time to call upon the heroes of science and eldritch knowledge to defend mankind from an assault from the outer reaches of reality!

The Last Cube

Venture through six unique areas of the cube-world and overcome 3D brain-teasers in this upcoming puzzle adventure game. You, the Last Cube, were awakened for a purpose—save this peculiar world from collapsing by solving puzzle tracks left by your ancestors.

Tribble Troubles

Boldly go where no Tribble has gone before! Play as a Tribble from Star Trek in this action filled vertical platformer game.


WarriOrb Achievements

WarriOrb: Prologue is a free standalone demo for the action platformer WarriOrb, where you play as a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely body. The path ahead is not an easy one... Are you ready to do whatever it takes to regain your freedom?

Check the Xbox Summer Game Fest hub for more information on each of these games, and if you are interested in the achievement lists we currently only have lists for Hellpoint and WarriOrb.
Let us know in the comments what you're most looking forward to trying.
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