Outer Worlds devs could be teasing an upcoming DLC reveal

By Heidi Nicholas,
It looks as though we'll be getting an announcement for The Outer Worlds soon, as Obsidian is teasing an upcoming "special message" — which could be about new content or DLC.

The Outer Worlds ~ TitledHeroArt

Over on the game's Twitter page, there's a message written from the point of view of the Board — the powerful in-game faction which rules Halcyon. "Greetings employees of Halcyon, The Board is pleased to announce that we have been able to acquire a portion of The Outer Worlds website! Feel free to take an additional 5-minute break today to visit the website, you've earned it!" Heading over to the game's site brings up a message from Spacer's Choice, telling us to "stay tuned for another special message" followed by an advert for Adrena-Time.

It's more than possible that Obsidian's gearing up to reveal DLC for the game. Last year, the studio confirmed that it would be "expanding the story" of the game, and that Outer Worlds would get DLC in 2020. There's no details yet on what this DLC might look like, but there's some possible clues in the game itself. Even after completing the game, there's still several planets on the map which are locked or inaccessible, including Hephaestus, Olympus, Typhon and Eridanos. It's likely we'll be sent to one or all of these, possibly through multiple DLCs.

With July's Xbox 20/20 event coming up, it's probable we'll hear more about The Outer Worlds then, and we'll be sure to update you. In the meantime — what do you think? What might Outer Worlds DLC look like? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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