Hole in the Wall Details Revealed

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
During E3, Microsoft confirmed that the U.S. game show, Hole in the Wall, would be heading to Xbox 360 on Kinect.

With Ludia's current press release, new details were unveiled about the game. Hole in the Wall is officially exclusive to Xbox 360 on Kinect. Ludia also stated that this is "The first Hole In The Wall [that] is slated for release on Microsoft's Xbox LIVE® Arcade in summer 2011," meaning this will be the first in a series of future games. While there is no set date or price point, summer is now the current release period.

Hole in the Wall will be released on Xbox Live Arcade with single player, online multiplayer, and "hilarious bonus videos from the TV show." Check out the new gameplay trailer to get an idea of what's heading your way: