As Dusk Falls is an upcoming interactive drama spanning "three decades of secrets"

By Heidi Nicholas,
Revealed during July's Xbox 20/20 event, As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama from new studio Interior/Night. The game will explore the fates of two families and spans "three decades of secrets."

"We were on our way to start a new life that summer. For our family, it was just a stopover," reads the first narrator. "For mine," says the second, "it was the end of the road." The official description says As Dusk Falls is an "original interactive drama" spanning "one town. Two families. Three decades of secrets." It begins in Arizona in 1999. In the game, you'll "explore the entangled lives of two families across thirty years. Starting with a robbery-gone-wrong in small town Arizona, the choices you make will have a powerful impact on this epic story of sacrifice, betrayal, and resilience."

Interior/Night's founder and creative director Caroline Marchal says, "The fascinating thing about interactive stories is that they go even further than traditional, linear stories; they give us insights about ourselves. When we play as a character, we experience their emotions and dilemmas from their point of view. But the choices we make for them remain very personal. By stepping into someone else’s shoes, we understand them better, and we learn about our true nature in the process. We grow, thanks to empathy." Marchal says "This is the reason I founded INTERIOR/NIGHT. I want to tell relatable, inclusive stories, grounded in real life, that can appeal to everyone."

As Dusk Falls is the first game from this new studio. If you're wondering how this 30 year span might look; Marchal says "most stories start at the beginning, but this story starts in the middle, gradually widening outward to encompass multiple points of view over a thirty year span; a story spiral that explores the past, present and future of a single dramatic night."

There's no word yet on an As Dusk Falls release date, but it'll launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC, and will be available from day one with Xbox Game Pass.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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