Bioshock Infinite Factions at War Trailer

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
First Irrational Games (as 2K Boston/2K Australia) took us underwater to explore the world of Rapture, and now we're in the air fighting off hoodlums in Columbia in their upcoming game, Bioshock Infinite.

Playing as disgraced Pinkerton agent, Booker DeWitt, gamers board Columbia, U.S.A's sensationalist statement to the world, to rescue Elizabeth. Upon finding Elizabeth, DeWitt finds out that Elizabeth is tightly linked to the ongoing civil war happening in Columbia.

In a recent trailer, Creative Director Kevin Levine took time to explain the nooks and crannies of the factions at war.

Bioshock Infinite is set for Q2 2012.
Credit for this story goes to RagingSandMan