The Outer Worlds' second DLC is set on the currently inaccessible planet of Eridanos

By Heidi Nicholas,
Obsidian has now announced the title of the second expansion for The Outer Worlds, and it seems we'll finally be going to one of those mysteriously locked planets in "Murder on Eridanos." Obsidian also revealed that both expansions, Peril on Gorgon and Murder on Eridanos, as well as the base game, will be optimised for the Xbox Series X.

Peril on Gorgon

Over on the latest Xbox Wire post, Mikey Dowling, director of communications at Obsidian Entertainment, confirmed that the second expansion will be titled Murder on Eridanos, but that the Board had "forcibly threatened" him to "focus on Peril on Gorgon", and as such, he couldn't yet give any details about this second DLC. From the title, however, it seems we'll finally get to travel to Eridanos; one of the four locked planets which remain inaccessible on the game's map even after completing the main story. Murder on Eridanos will launch next year, for the same price as Peril on Gorgon: £11.99/$14.99, or £19.99/$24.99 as part of the Expansion Pass. Both options will offer a 10% discount for Xbox Game Pass members.

The first DLC, Peril on Gorgon, was only revealed recently as part of July's Xbox 20/20 event. Dowling has now detailed a little more about the DLC. The Gorgon asteroid was the site of Spacer's Choice research into Adrena-Time, which proved unsuccessful after tests revealed side-effects such as "extreme aggression" and "delusional behaviour." The planets of The Outer Worlds are littered with the remains of similar sites, where corporations tried to push forwards and colonise areas before withdrawing and abandoning them. It seems the same has happened here: Spacer's Choice abandoned the site, but it's still half-occupied by marauders and SubLight contractors. Five years later, you're sent into this mess by Minnie Ambrose to look for Dr. Olivia Ambrose, the former head of the project and her mother. Along the way, you'll find new science weapons, new perks, new armour and variations, and an increased level cap.

Dowling's announcement also confirmed that both expansions and The Outer Worlds itself will be optimised for the Xbox Series X, and we'll update you when Obsidian shares more information on this.
Heidi Nicholas
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