Double Kick Heroes achievement list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Double Kick Heroes Achievement list.

There are 38 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Double Kick Heroes Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Black Tipped Beat Sharkmungus on Hard Rock difficulty 10
Tiger Shark Beat Sharkmungus on METAL difficulty 15
Hammerhead Beat Sharkmungus on VIOLENCE difficulty 20
Bull Shark Beat Sharkmungus on EXTREME difficulty 25
Compso Beat Rex on Hard Rock difficulty 10
Triceratops Beat Rex on METAL difficulty 15
Raptor Beat Rex on VIOLENCE difficulty 20
Rex Beat Rex on EXTREME difficulty 25
War Bike Beat Morton on Hard Rock difficulty 10
Tank Beat Morton on METAL difficulty 15
Devastator Beat Morton on VIOLENCE difficulty 20
Nuke Machine Beat Morton on EXTREME difficulty 25
Choo Choo Beat Hell Train on Hard Rock difficulty 20
Hell Chariot Beat Hell Train on METAL difficulty 30
Hell Train Beat Hell Train on VIOLENCE difficulty 40
Hell Demolisher Beat Hell Train on EXTREME difficulty 50
Prince Beat Mobula on Hard Rock difficulty 20
Blood King Beat Mobula on METAL difficulty 30
Blood Bath Beat Mobula on VIOLENCE difficulty 40
The Emperor Beat Mobula on EXTREME difficulty 50
Baal Beat Satan on Hard Rock difficulty 30
Astaroth Beat Satan on METAL difficulty 45
Lucifer Beat Satan on VIOLENCE difficulty 60
Satan Beat Satan on EXTREME difficulty 75
Sharkmungus Reach the end of Chapter 1 on any difficulty 20
The Prison Reach the end of Chapter 2 on any difficulty 20
Triforce Reach the end of Chapter 3 on any difficulty 20
The Dark Pope Reach the end of Chapter 4 on any difficulty 20
The Resistance Reach the end of Chapter 5 on any difficulty 20
Hell Reach the end of Chapter 6 on any difficulty 20
Black Hen Kill 666 black hens 66
Glam Pervs Kill 3 glam pervs on "Don't Bite My Butt" 14
Marlene's Stuff Find and kill Marlene's Shiny 10
Combo! Reach a x9 Combo 10
Looping Complete a loop in Fury Road 20
Alt Cadillac Use an alternate skin for Sheila 20
The Drumkit Assemble the Drumkit of Destiny 20
End of the Drums Complete the game with the Drumkit of Destiny 20
Double Kick Heroes mixes a shoot'em up with a rhythm game.
You must survive on the highway to hell by killing monsters with your gundillac.
Only the power of Metal can save your band!
Double Kick Heroes is developed by Headbang Club and published by Plug In Digital, and is part of the ID@Xbox program.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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