Ghostbusters Changes Hands...Again

By WeisGuy9, 9 years ago
Ghostbusters is coming soon to a console near you!

It may not, however, be a console that you own.

"What's the deal?" you ask.

Originally to be published by Vivendi, the publishing rights for Ghostbusters were soon signed over to Atari, who promptly announced a multiplatform release for all markets. Gamers everywhere wept with joy! It has just been confirmed that Atari has inked a deal with Sony for an exclusive PS3/PS2 release with a PSP release to follow. Sony will also be simultaneously releasing a Blu-ray edition of the original movie. The release date seems to be somewhat up in the air. Sony has announced a 19 June, 2009 release date for the game in PAL regions.

To those outside of the PAL region, the official game maintains the release date to be 16 June, 2009.

Ghostbusters, by Terminal Reality, boasts an all new story by the original creators and takes place in a newly overrun Manhattan. You play the part of a new recruit and will join the original cast from the film in hunting down and capturing a variety of ghosts, spooks, and supernatural boogeymen.

Check the link below for some magnificent looking screenshots, concept art and video trailers!

In a small silver lining, Atari has retained the rights to the Xbox360 version of the game, which will be delayed in all markets, but promises a release "later this year".

Oh, the humanity...

Atari makes no mention of markets, although rumors abound that the 360 version will be a US only release with no PAL release, but at the moment that's all it is - rumor. We'll keep our eyes and ears open for any further news.
Credit for this story goes to dropK1CK ninJA