Xbox Series X pre-orders could be opening soon according to Microsoft partner in Australia

By Heidi Nicholas,
We know we're getting some sort of Xbox news this month, and it now looks as though it could be the news we've been waiting for: price and pre-order info for the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X

This is according to what several Xbox fans in Australia have discussed on Reddit (thanks, GamingBolt). Just to be clear, there's been no official word as yet on what we'll hear about this month, or even when the event will be: Xbox head Phil Spencer has just said the Xbox team will "have more to say" in August. The general belief is that August would be good timing for Microsoft to reveal something more about the console; namely, its price. That being said, let's dive in.

According to these fans, Telstra, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Australia, had partnered with Microsoft on Xbox All Access in Australia and was offering customers the chance to pre-order the Xbox Series X with Xbox Game Pass as a monthly plan. If you were a Telstra customer, you could register for updates. Some Xbox fans who registered have now received texts saying, "You've signed up to receive information about the Xbox Series X. Pre-order for the Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access will open soon". Other Telstra customers have also had the same message. Again, that "soon" is pretty vague, but the timing, coming as it does at the beginning of August, looks pretty promising for pricing news this month. Plus, the month of August seems to be one of the usual options for pre-orders of new consoles: the Xbox One X, for instance, went up for pre-order at the end of August in 2017. In 2013, the Xbox One went up for pre-order a little earlier, in June. Since we're now a few days into August and the "holiday 2020" window is only drawing closer, however, August could once again prove to be the month for pre-order and pricing info; this time, for the Xbox Series X.

The cost of next-gen consoles is one of the last major pieces of news we've been waiting for with the Xbox Series X. Do you think we'll hear more this month? Let us know in the comments!
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