Modern Warfare & Warzone's Season 5 adds a train, new maps, an open stadium and more

By Heidi Nicholas,
Update: Activision has now detailed exactly what's included with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone's Season 5 — which has a file size of 49.8 GB. As we saw in the trailer below, the Verdansk Stadium will now be open, after the Shadow Company literally blasted the roof off. The stadium includes "a pitch surrounded by rows of seating, an additional underground parking structure, a concession stand lobby as well as other multiple interior concourses and field access you can secure and compete to control."


The freight train will blast through the southwest of Verdansk, and Activision says you can use it as "protection, an epicenter of firefights, and even offers some exceptional takedown potential if your team claims the train for themselves, and guards it with additional vehicles and heavy weaponry." The trailer hinted at the train station also opening in Season 5, and this too has been confirmed: it has a "number of inside locations to explore."

Players will be able to use Exterior Ascenders to zoom up tall buildings either to take out snipers or get a better vantage point themselves. Season 5 also introduces Mini Royale, which "condenses the craziest parts of the main Battle Royale mode into faster-paced chunks of chaotic and almost constant combat" as it "lowers the number of Operators... but quickens the BR experience." Weapon rotation has also been updated, with eight common, 13 uncommon, 15 rare, 19 epic and 25 legendary variants in Verdansk.

Modern Warfare, meanwhile, is getting four new multiplayer maps: Suldal Harbour, Verdansk Intl. Airport, Livestock in Kastovia, and the Petrov Oil Rig map. Those seem to be the biggest updates with Season 5, but there's also new game modes, playlists, and other updates, new weapons and new content with the Season 5 Battle Pass, including two free weapons: the ISO SMG (Tier 15) and the AN-94 assault rifle (Tier 31).

Original story: The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone's Season 5 gives a glimpse of what we'll be getting in the new season: a train, new maps, and an open stadium, as well as what looks like a crow execution.

The trailer starts with the roof literally being blown off the top of the stadium, before a train comes zooming across the map. The stadium will offer a huge new space to fight in, and it also looks as though you'll be able to land and fight on the train, and perhaps within the train station too. The train itself will carry on around the map while you're on it, obliterating cars and everything else in its way.

We also got a brief look at some new maps coming with Season 5, including Suldal Harbour in Urzikstan, Verdansk Intl. Airport in Kastovia, Livestock in Kastovia, and the Petrov Oil Rig map. Lastly, we see someone in a gold mask and gloves zip up to the top of a building, before sending in a crow to attack an opponent. Neither the crow, the man, nor his gold gloves get any further explanation, so it looks like we'll have to wait until Activision shares the full Season 5 details.

Season 5 will launch tomorrow, August 5th, and will also add in new Shadow Company Operators.
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