Platinum tells fans to write to Phil Spencer if they want to see a Scalebound revival

By Sean Carey,
Platinum Games has once again been talking about Scalebound — an Xbox exclusive which was cancelled back in 2017. Platinum has told fans that if they want to see Scalebound revived, they should send a letter to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

Scalebound Platinum Games revival

Speaking with YouTube channel GameXplain, Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba were asked if they thought Scalebound could return in the future now that Platinum is self-publishing its own games. Inaba replied, "We don't think that it's a forbidden topic or anything like that, we're happy to talk about it though the IP does still rest with Microsoft.

"We do get a lot of fans still that do show interest in the title, and we're always happy to see if there are still people that are really interested in it coming out one day. The fans are thinking, there was a lot of possibilities, or a lot of cool things that looked like Kamiya might have been able to accomplish with that title. And we also think it would have been really nice to have that kind of opportunity, but it's not for us to say. Kamiya is just adding: if you want to see it again, then please, send a letter to Phil Spencer."

Platinum Games studio director Hideki then chimes in, waves to the camera and jokingly says, "Phil, let's do it again together!"

Scalebound was an action-RPG where players took on the role of a human who was bound to a dragon. The pair were tasked with exploring the world of Thuban and defeating giant monsters that posed a threat to the universe. The game was scheduled for release in 2016 but was subsequently delayed until 2017. Microsoft soon cancelled production for Scalebound in 2017. In an interview with IGN, Phil Spencer dashed hopes of a Scalebound revival by saying that Microsoft wasn't working on the IP.

Source: Pure Xbox
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